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Welcome to our page and thank you for taking your time to visit us.

Prague Language Leading Centre is a teacher training institution headquartered in the Czech Republic with clearly defined mission of supporting ESL teachers.  We work on the issues of language teaching/training and language acquisition offering “language leading” approach.  The main focus is put on teaching methods, teachers’ motivation, teaching style understanding and development, language training techniques and language upgrading programmes. All the programmes include interesting social part as well.

The Trainer

PLLC Trainer - Mgr. Olga Filatova

My name is Olga Filatova and more than 10 years I have been running various training sessions for ESL teachers in the Czech Republic and abroad. This is the way I can share my successful experience of teaching languages and spread best teaching approaches and techniques. My purpose is to support ESL teachers with professional advice demonstrating new methods, and keeping them inspired and motivated. I have developed the method of “language leading” enabling process improvement; it can also ensure reaching expected language levels and developing active communication skills. I believe teachers have earned to be heard and understood, they deserve to be happy, and I will do my best to help them.


In brief, there are four branches of our expertise:


Language Upgrading Sessions

(for ESL teachers who love discovering new words and meanings, teaching up-to-date things and speaking unforgettable language)

Once you have experienced language upgrading technology, you will always keep your language level in a perfect condition.


Programs for Teacher Trainers

(for ESL teachers who are experienced and would like to try themselves in a teacher training field)

If you have something to share, never miss the chance of doing it. We will help you how to become a successful teacher trainer.


Language Leading Sessions

(for ESL teachers who are seeking for new methods and successful teaching solutions)

Here we are introducing “language leading” approach demonstrating practical application in various situations and the benefits it brings to the process.


Christmas Sessions

(for language school management)

It is a special training with particular purposes of sharing excellent managerial practices, creating competitive school strategies, developing new courses and programs, outlining student/client-oriented directions and discussing effective marketing channels.

Word by word we are improving the world

around bringing fresh ideas and professional advice.

The Event Calendar

22 – 23 September, 2018

Ready to Be a Teacher Trainer (for experienced ESL teachers)

If you are successful and inspiring it is worth to share your experience which may become a valuable gift for those who are only starting their careers in teaching. It is the resource to share not to hide. Our 15-hour training program will help you how to mentor and to train teachers. You will get all you need to plan, organize and realize your own sessions and master-classes.

For more detailed information please contact us.



Online sessions cost 45 euros.

Сontact sessions cost 300 euros

The price includes:

  • Sessions;
  • Study materials;
  • Records; 
  • Certificate.

For more detailed payment information please contact us.


In case of attending our contact programmes all participants are expected to arrange their accommodation by themselves. On demand we can book guest’s rooms offered by a student’s dormitory located nearby (about 19/euros per night).

Contact Us

Address: Jeseniova 1151/ 55, Prague 3, 130 00

Email: info@pllc.cz

Phone: +420 773 628 383